Building Partnerships (copy)

For many companies, the partners are vital for their growth. The agents, distributors, sellers and all the means can increase sales dramatically by providing the required support to promote products. Particular tools can be create to access to the website to enable partners to get the information they need.
Access tools may include the following:

  • Download , print the pictures and brochures of your products online, to facilitate the presentation of your products and marketing your partner.
  • Online Support. 
  • Knowledge technical bases with research to reduce the load and fasten the response time to customers by your partner.
  • Download specifications suitable for copying and pasting in the presentations and proposals to customers.
  • Download Software and drivers if needed. 
  • Discuss the areas that help to improve the products.
  • A database of contact information to enable the partner's access to the right person easily. 
  • The establishment of competitions, where product knowledge is measured by interrogating the staff of your partner, and if you add the awards, it would be an effective way to help to increase the knowledge of your products in partner's institutions.

Keep an open communication channel:
 With regular news letters you can keep your partners informed of all your news. You can also keep them interested by creating limited promotions and incentives. With an easy to use email list management system, such communications can be created easily and with minimum effort on your side.